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3D Environment – Research and Concepts

TEAMMATES: Lydia McDowell, Nuala McGarry, Bradley Lyness For this part of the Animation Strategies module our task is to create a 3D interior/exterior scene that conveys a narrative. For our scene my team has decided to make a forest campsite which has been attacked by a mysterious monster. Although I worry about how well the scene… Continue reading 3D Environment – Research and Concepts


Life Drawing Crescent Arts – Drawing the Figure in Motion

Here is a selection of work from a three hour class hosted at Crescent Arts Centre by Sharon Kelly. The class really emphasised the importance of loosening up and drawing as a physical action of the entire body, feeling the motion of the model as you drew. The class tried out a lot of experimental… Continue reading Life Drawing Crescent Arts – Drawing the Figure in Motion

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Terrence and Lamar – Showing and Feedback

This is the version of the film shown to our class and tutors on Tuesday, along with this powerpoint presentation. Overall our work was well received but we did get some feedback on what could be improved: ANIMATION It was pointed out that their were some issues with weighting and rigging in the animation, such as… Continue reading Terrence and Lamar – Showing and Feedback