animated short

‘Man Vs Nature’ Final Porfolio

Concept Art and Character Design 


I would have liked to have done more concept art for this project because I enjoy drawing and character design. Most of these pieces are quite rough and sketchy and though they contributed to influencing the look of our animation, I would not want to put them in my portfolio. I still learned from them, especially the more detailed painting of the father and daughter characters, but my work will be better quality in the future.

3D Previs

I am quite proud of these previs shots in particular. Despite being only rough drafts I learned a lot about lighting and cameras and rendering from doing them. In particular I am proud of my use of depth of field here, though this is not something we could implement in our final film due to render times. I also think the acting and timing is quite good, though that last shot doesn’t read very well so was changed in later versions.

UV Mapping and Texturing 

I had to redo the UVs and textures several times due to ongoing alterations of the rigs and character models. Though it was frustrating to have to re-do such a fiddly task over and over, I’m glad in the long run because I now have a firm grasp of the basics of UVs and texturing. I’m happy with how the textures turned out, though they are fairly simple hopefully the work I put into the subtle shading of the characters is evident.


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Head model and Facial Expressions 

As well as textures I was responsible for modelling and rigging the dad’s head, based on Erinn’s rough sculpt and character design, and for rigging the girl character’s head, designed and modelled by Sarah.


Animation (Rough draft at time of submission) 

We were very close to the deadline when we started animating so submitted rough renders and playblasts rather than a more finalised product. I animated the shots from 00:09 – 00:16 and from 00:37 – 00:40. I had trouble getting used to the rigs so my animations are a lot stiffer then I’d like, which is disappointing because I really enjoy animation and would have liked to have better quality work to show for it.

However, we all spent a long time working on the assets for the film, so we are going to keep working on this project so that we have more polished work for our showreels. I will fix my animations and probably reanimate some of the other shots, as well as practising other animation, for example trying out lip syncing with blend shapes.



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