animation strategies

3D Environment – Research and Concepts

TEAMMATES: Lydia McDowell, Nuala McGarry, Bradley Lyness

For this part of the Animation Strategies module our task is to create a 3D interior/exterior scene that conveys a narrative. For our scene my team has decided to make a forest campsite which has been attacked by a mysterious monster.

Although I worry about how well the scene will read without the atmosphere created by lighting or colour, I think in other ways it is a good choice because there will be a lot of details for us to model. Lydia is looking into making grass and moss with XGen, Bradley is experimenting with nCloth and fire effects and Nuala is modelling a camper van. Since I am not yet very confident in my modelling ability I think I will focus on modelling more simple details like rocks, mushrooms and some other plants. I am lucky to be working with such a strong team of people I can trust to pick up my slack in this area and give me time to catch up!

As research for this idea I went to Breen Oak Wood and took some photographs.


Other’s Research and Concepts:

For additional research I have also created a pinterest board (again with a focus on details we can fill the scene with):

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