Life Drawing Crescent Arts – Drawing the Figure in Motion

Here is a selection of work from a three hour class hosted at Crescent Arts Centre by Sharon Kelly. The class really emphasised the importance of loosening up and drawing as a physical action of the entire body, feeling the motion of the model as you drew.

The class tried out a lot of experimental media and techniques and exercises which involved drawing and redrawing the moving model’s figure all on on the same canvas. As a result many of the pieces I produced were rather unintelligible although I very much enjoyed the process of drawing them.

I feel the process was not suited to my own rather quick and heavy handed way of capturing the figure, maybe those with more refined Fine Art styles of drawing would produce work that was at least nicer looking than mine. That is something I will work on as I draw more from life in the future.

Regardless of how the pieces of paper looked at the end of the class I really enjoyed the experience and do feel it was genuinely beneficial to me. In particular I feel like I have a better grasp on the anatomy of hands and arms and on the placement of feet with regards to motion (very useful for the walk cycle I’m currently doing!)

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