life drawing

Life Drawing Work Week 10 – Character Design and the 12 Principles of Animation

I was having difficulty with the character design I was using in these posts – although the proportions and masculine shapes made the design easy to adapt Robert’s poses in life drawing class, the design is overall kind of unwieldy and gave me a lot of trouble when it came to demonstrating animation principles. Even drawing a simple character rotation was difficult for me. So I have decided to use a different character design for this task.

My initial doodles and ideas for the character.
Refining the design with animation and appeal in mind.

Visually I was inspired by the bird characters from the mobile game Monument Valley (which are in turn based on)  by as well as the style of illustrators Skottie Young and Vaughn Pinpin. If the character were to be part of an animation I would imagine it would look similar to the Cartoon Network miniseries Over the Garden Wall, with a sharp contrast between detailed tonal backgrounds and simple, flat character designs

Digital character rotation for ‘Flapper’. 


Here are my demonstrations of the Principles of  Animation:

Flap Prin 2Flap Prin 1




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