life drawing

Life Drawing Work 5 – Facial Expressions and Design

Flour Sack

I looked at this page for more information and this page on posing  to properly express emotion through posing a flour sack.

Examples of flour sack posing. 

XP1 copy.jpg
My own expressive flour sack poses.

Realistic Expressions

Studies drawn from photographs.

Drawing from a Model Sheet


Drawings copied from Brad Bird’s model sheet as well as my own interpretations of the design. 

Own Character Design

I wanted to try portraying expressions using my own design. The character I used is essentially an updated version of this comic I doodled last year – an intimidating ‘tough guy’ character very heavily inspired by/ spoofing a specific stereotype found in Japanese media like anime and videogames. I just liked the way the face looked and wanted to use that kind of face again for this expressions task, but with a slightly different style and more of a 3D modelling perspective in mind.


I like this facial design a lot and I think I would like to try modelling it in the future.


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