new narratives

Assignment 3 – Animated Short “Terrence and Lamar”

TEAMMATES – Lydia McDowell, Maggie McDermott, James Goodwin

For our 30-second animation project I am very happy to be in this team as I am on good terms with everyone and know they are very skilled all-round, especially with Maya which I continue to struggle with.

Our animation is based on an idea that Lydia and I discussed a couple of months ago. I don’t remember much about the conversation other than I helped to try and pair down the idea to make it more realistically animatable for us, and that we were in Boojum.

The story is about a man who lives on an island and befriends an octopus.

Initial notes and ideas for Terrence and Lamar.

We are probably going to go with the name ‘Terrence and Lamar‘ – Lydia had already somewhat settled on the name ‘Terrence’ for the fisherman, which to me sounded like ‘terra’ as in land. I thought it would be cool if we could give the octopus a name that was tied to the ocean, to signify the meeting of a person from the land and a creature of the sea. The sea-related name that I liked the most was the French-based ‘Lamar’…

But it was only on the day of the pitch that we all realised that Lamar also fit the character because caLAMARi (I know calamari is squid, not octopus, but the association still holds).


  • A quirky opening – setting the tone of the short, colourful and visually quirky
  • The fisherman’s first actions establishing his quirky character but also his slight sadness at being alone
  • There is a moment of slapstick humour when he drops the telescope into the water
  • This leads into the dramatic focal point of the story where the octopus rises scarily from the ocean behind the fisherman, building up the tension
  • The tension is then released by the ‘punchline’ –  that is the octopus dropping the telescope onto the dock for the fisherman. Accompanied by a cheesy little ‘TA-DA’ victory fanfare?
  • Quirky ending montage

Our first animatic:

This animatic has segments drawn by each person on the team (my parts from 00:12- 00:14 and 00:18-00:20) but is based on rough storyboards which were primarily my work.  I think I had a big influence on this story planning stage, and the angles and shots and things, because I had some clear ideas about it, and what worked and what didn’t.


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