life drawing

Life Drawing 2/3/2017 – What’s the story?

For the first part of this lesson we were doing our 1-minute warmups, but I can’t find these drawings to photograph them.

For the second part of the lesson we were told to use Jacquie as reference, she was acting out a short story we had to turn into storyboards. This was not an easy task because the poses did not last very long at all and I don’t think anybody had a clear idea of what we were doing. I tried my best to make the story as clear as possible and have interesting use of angles. My work is rough but I’m still quite happy with it.

The woman runs for a bus, turning to look at the Albert Clock in the distance. 
She realises she has dropped her phone (long shot) and crouches down (high angle shot with camera move)
Standing up she sees her shoe is soaked. Irritated, she raises her hood. 
She realises she’s missed the bus and walks away annoyed at everything that’s going wrong. 
A medium/log shot focusing on the sky so we can see it’s beginning to rain. 
She adjusts her hood and sits down on some steps (that’s suppose to be a bird’s eye view).
She lies down on the steps to sleep (high angles again to emphasis the negativity) 

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