life drawing

Life Drawing 23/2/2017 – Critical Miss

Today we first did the usual 1-minute poses with Jacquei as our model, then as a group we each presented what we felt was our best drawing(s) to the rest of the group for critique.


The large drawing of Jacquei standing with her back turned was the drawing I had felt was my best from that day. The feedback I received from the others was that although my sense of proportion and form was good I needed to work on using the line of motion and on drawing hands and feet.

It was interesting to see where everyone’s strengths and weaknesses are because everyone in the group is very different. I hope we do this again some time because it was interesting and useful.

For the final part of the lesson we had an unusual task. We had to draw Jacquei sitting in a chair but then move to the opposite side of the room halfway through and continue the same drawing of her despite working from a new angle. I think I did alright, but messed up the legs.


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