life drawing

Life Drawing Work Week 2 – A Model Student

Pinocchio Head Rotation Homework:



Pinocchio’s Character Model Sheets –


An extra design sheet I looked up, featuring a slightly older version of Pinocchio’s design which was helpful in drawing the rotation nonetheless:


Some other model sheets we were given to look at- design sheets from Disney’s Hercules, short films such as Presto and PaperMan, as well as designs by Brad Bird.


I was interested in seeing how these character designs translated into animation, so I went researched the following:

The Disney short Paperman (2012), notable for the way it blends traditional and computer animation. I found this video about the making of this unique visual style.

There was also the Pixar short Presto, a homage to classic slapstick and visual comedy!

The design sheets also featured Billy, from the cartoon series Family Dog (1993) created by Brad Bird, produced by Tim Burton and Steven Spielberg.

There were also design sheets for the character Megara from Disney’s Hercules (1997).

Hercules is a film with quite heavily stylised designs, so it was interesting to see how these relatively flat designs translated into moving characters.

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