new narratives

Assignment 1 – The Writer’s Journey – Christopher Vogler Presentation

For this first assignment of the New Narratives module, my teammates are: Holly Cardwell, Matthew Duddy and Jack Ellison.

The class’s task is to present the entirety of Christopher Vogler’s screenwriting guide The Writer’s Journey,  with each team being given a section to present to the rest of the class so that everyone will have knowledge of the whole book. Our team was given the second section of book, introducing the concept of character archetypes and elaborating on those of ‘The Hero’ and ‘The Mentor’.

As a team we had our audience in mind, and decided we did not want to spend a long time talking and going into too much detail. We also tried to make our presentations very strong and communicative visually.

I was making and presenting the first few slides, which talked about the origins of the term archetypes and a general explanation and overview of these types. My slides were primarily visual (I spent a long time picking and arranging the images!) whilst I gave a verbal explanation with each slide. Both the slides and my narration script are linked below:



In review, our presentation went down well enough, although it was evident that each set of slides had been developed independently as they looked different and contained different levels of information. I still think we did a good job though!

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