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A Post on Preparing the Perfect Peregoy PechaKucha Presentation!

(OK, you have to admit that alliteration is impressive.)

We all individually researched our presentation topic, the artist Walt Peregoy, and the Pecha-Kucha format, before working together to put together a 20-slide chronological presentation of his work, with the slides transitioning automatically after 20 seconds so we would fit the Pecha-Kucha timing. We then divided up the sections of the powerpoint that we would write our own scripts for and narrate.

I took the first few slides of the presentation, introducing our subject and describing the early parts of his life and career. (The images below were featured in the powerpoint whilst I talked.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Caitlin would focus on what is his most well-known work as a colour stylist and background designer on Disney’s 101 Dalmatians (1963):

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Carla is covering the various other commercial projects he worked on, namely his work on The Jungle Book (1967) and his subsequently leaving Disney, his time working for companies like Hanna-Barbera as well as his work in contributing to the design of the Epcot centre:

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Alistair, meanwhile, has the more difficult task of narrating the final slides, in which we had decided to showcase some of Peregoy’s unusual personal artworks:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


IN REVIEW: On the day of the actual presentation, our group went last.  We had to cover for Caitlin who was unwell but because we had all made the original powerpoint presentation together Carla, Alistair and I had enough information between us to cover the slides without her. She also messaged us beforehand, so Alistair and I were able to rehearse her slides together before we presented. I would have liked if the group had been able to practise properly but sadly this wasn’t possible. Still, the presentation seemed to go down well enough!


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