life drawing

Life Drawing 24/11/16 – Mimteresting Times

This week in life drawing we used Robert again as a reference for drawing a character, but this time the design was Madame Mim from Disney’ s The Sword in the Stone. I found I liked this task better – I had practised drawing Mim beforehand but also just love her proportions, particularly her expressive, exaggerated arms and hands! Even so there were subtleties to her design which I haven’t quite comprehended yet as my drawings of her are still a little off. I think her head and face were the most difficult for me.

Aside from this, I don’t think I’m drawing correctly in Life Drawing class. Maybe I’m still using the conte crayons wrong… Or at least not successfully overcoming the limitations of my own previously developed drawing style/learning to draw in the new way very well… I’ve always drawn very fast and gesturally, which is great for those speedy 15 second challenge sketches but makes my 5 minute drawings look like shit… I need to be softer, looser… Either way I’m finding life drawing kind of tough in ways I can’t quite put my finger on and it’s actually upsetting me a bit  EVERYTHING IS FINE I AM GREAT AT EVERYTHING NOTHING TO SEE HERE LALALALALA

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