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Light World Animatic Part 3 – Work and Review

We, as a group, spent the majority of our time together working on the planning and development of this storyboard and animatic, before working on our tasks separately over the weekend. I know that this is not the best way of working – and it did kind of backfire for us – but we simply did not have enough time to do things a better way.

Speaking of the planning and development… I’m not going to be modest here because I did basically all of it. (Bragging is really not my style, but…I really did do all that work?) We had so little time, somebody needed to be decisive and so I tried to take charge this week. I mean, I love developing ideas, plus I had a clear idea of what we were trying to do as well… And it’s not like I was inflexible or didn’t listen to my teammates! They were fine with it! I… I hope…

So, I drew out the storyboards for the animatic, planned and later drew the mural that made up the first half of the animatic, as well as planning the character movements in the second half for the rest of the team to work with. (I just hope my teammates didn’t mind the fact they were being bossed around by the youngest person on the course… Ha ha… ha… *sweats* Thank you so much for putting up with me, guys!!!)

I believe there was a set of more detailed storyboards I made as well, but I can’t seem to find them anywhere. It’s possible I could have just hallucinated them though… It was that kind of week…

So, once I had drawn all the parts of the mural over the weekend, I scanned the components and spent a couple of hours editing them in Photoshop, fixing errors and stitching them together into one continuous whole (click below for full view). I hope that it is possible to tell that there is some kind of story being told in that mural, but just for clarification I’ll explain it a little….

The first image shows the crystal planet in orbit around a star, as well as the mysterious original inhabitants of the planet which I kind of just made up on the spot. Sorry about that, teammates. The crystal also takes in the starlight to make the liquid light substance for them to feed on, but as the alien’s hubris grows the star grows unhealthy and begins to swell as it turns into a red giant, affecting the crystal’s ability to produce the light. The star eventually grows too large and the crystal is severely damaged, this calamity also causing the creatures to become corrupted and divided into the different inhabitants of the light world. I would have liked to have been able to show more, for example some panels of the domes that the creatures live in, but I think that what we have is enough to serve as a prelude/backstory for a hypothetical game intro… thing…

And whilst I had planned to do the mural in colour (see previous posts) but we as a group really only had time to work in tonal. Thanks to Caitlin Masterson for doing most of this colouring work here!


Also, please appreciate Alistair Lyon’s great talents in creating this background… It was his first time using Photoshop and he was using a mouse. And he made this. What.


And I would like to thank Caitlin again – despite having been ill all weekend she still put together some beautiful  animated gifs of the Outsider. anigif

Unfortunately we did not get to include these in the video we presented, but thankfully we had still frames/poses of the character from Carla to work with for our animatic.

So anyway… stuff meant that Caitlin (who was still pretty unwell) and I stayed up literally all Monday night trying to edit the damn thing together. We… failed. We tried three different softwares on Caitlin’s PC – Blender, After Effects and Flash – but technical difficulties, illness and exhaustion took their toll and we had to call it a night… Er… Morning. However, I take full responsibility for this failure – if I had planned better, we wouldn’t have been in such a tight spot and things would have run a lot smoother.

Our desperate, last minute editing in iMovie (which was handled by Carla! Somebody knows how to stay calm under pressure) meant that our timing was way off and we were unable to include Caitlin’s animations, which was a pity.

SO… We need to touch up our animatic before hand in. I’d like to be able to colour the mural and work on timing and animation with Caitlin, Allistair and Carla.

We also need to do our Pecha Kucha presentation on Walt Peregoy. Cool.

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