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Light World Animatic Part 2 – Mural Design Influences

Considering we have only a week to create the animatic, which is to be 30 seconds long, we decided against trying to do something that would require many detailed scenes as we simply do not have the time to work on them. But we also could not find a short simple narrative that would serve to showcase the amount of work that has been put into the world before now (namely the world’s concept, the multiple characters designs and the more recent environmental designs).

We then came up with the idea of having something like the into for a game (a medium which we all believe would suit the Light World anyway) – where the history of the world is told via an ancient mural, in the style of a long image such as the Bayeux tapestry.


(The idea was at least partially inspired by the intro for the Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. Note the panning image from 2:25-3:10, which is also shown above).

We are also planning of featuring an actual character near the end- probably the Outsider character (which we agreed would be the most suitable as the protagonist/avatar in a hypothetical game, as it has the most simple, relatable design and is also absolutely friggin adorable – just look at Glenn‘s artwork below!).

Some other video games which feature murals in a way that builds the backstory of that game’s world include Journey and ABZU.


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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The animated series Steven Universe has also given important hints as to its world building and story via murals and other features of its environmental designs. I think this was perhaps of the most influence to me visually:

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The 1982 film The Dark Crystal, in particular murals featured within the film but also the concept artwork by Brian Froud, also at least partially influenced my mural designs.

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As well as fictional creations, we also took inspiration from real life historical murals and wall paintings that tell stories and histories.

The Bayeux Tapestry


Egyptian Wall Paintings


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