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Light World Animatic Part 1 – Further World Design, Visual Influences and Music Choices

So once again the groups have been switched. Carla and I are still working on the Light World project but now we have new blood in the form of Caitlin Masterson and Allistair Lyons.

We spent the first while reworking the concept of the world for a while as we had no solid idea of the physical nature of the planet. Eventually we came to decide that the entire planetoid was actually a giant crystal in space, which had been partially hollowed out and corrupted over time as the inhabitants have degenerated and fallen into the ways of sin (much the same as this class has).

This image of an Earth after colonisation by aliens from the cartoon Steven Universe definitely provided more than a little inspiration…
Design was also influenced by this drawing – ‘Ark’ by Manabu Ikeda.
My sketch concept for a cross-section of the planet.
Quartz crystals, which we imagine the crystal substance of the planet is similar to.

As for colour… Well…. really there was not much colour work from previous weeks for us to go on, as although our group work on tonality was very strong (see previous posts) we were rather stumped when it came to colour.

However, the new team were all agreed that we wanted bright, vibrant colours; like many the works we had previously looked at as influences for the design of the world:


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Steven Universe

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Monument Valley

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Looking at the game Monument Valley also led us to take a closer look at MC Escher, the artist whose work inspired the game. I think this led us to a breakthrough as a group in terms of what the characters’ actual environments could be like – since the gravity is low on the crystal planetoid it would be interesting if the architecture followed different rules, with creatures being able to walk in any direction.

(Having Allistair, an ex architecture student, really bolstered my confidence in thinking we might be able to pull something like this off!)

Caitlin also introduced us to Ava’s Demon, a webcomic that has several characters based off of the seven deadly sins. I think it is good to look at for warm and cool colour:

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All art by Michelle Czajkowski. 

I was inspired by this comic’s artwork, but also by its soundtrack (it has partially animated segments accompanied by music) to start looking for music to use in our animatic.

We looked at this song – a segment of which was featured in the comic – as well as the album ‘Labyrinth’s Heart’ by Clark Powell (a track from which was featured in Ava’s Demon as well).

Having an idea of what kind of music suited the Light World environment, I also looked at the bands  God is an Astronaut and Sleep Dealer (who we looked at for tonality in this music video) – however I did not find a track that fit the ‘look’ of our world and had a 30 second section that worked well on its own.

However, the song we are most likely set on using for our project is the first 40 seconds of  Moles are Mere Moles, Right? from the anime series Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (which we had also previously looked at for underground environments). This song is very atmospheric and has the kind of slow pace we are looking for, with a swell in the music around 30 seconds in which could be accompanied by a change in pace in our animatic as well. Even if we end up not using the track at all it was a good place to start looking for inspiration.

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