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Week 3 – Part 2: Tonality and Composition

Now for the actual focus of this week: Tonality and Composition!

When going into this topic I feel that everyone in my group had a pretty solid idea of what our world looks and feels like. Nonetheless at the start of the week we discussed possible inspirations for us to refer to, which Charlotte has collected for us in this blog post.

We agreed upon a subtly shaded style that would be easy to do in shades of grey, giving depth to the setting yet complimenting the kind of simplistic designs we are working with. I also purchased some Windsor and Newton Brushmarkers, having tried out the ones belonging to Ryan Loughran and finding them very useful for creating the kind of subtle effect I was looking for. Here is some of the work I produced:

I hope you can see that the works are fairly experimental in nature, but also that I have already learned a lot by doing them. Working within a frame has definitely been fun. Next I need to focus more on broader landscapes, as well as working more closely with ‘warm and cool’ tonality… I think I need to get to understand tonality in general actually.


My teammates have also produced some excellent and inspirational work this week!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Speaking of inspiration, I also found these notes very useful:


(I have no idea who created these, but I have found them very useful and so feel pretty bad that I haven’t been able to find and credit the author yet!)

Additionally, I would like to share this useful video on composition. I think it was able to clarify a lot of concepts I didn’t understand very well before in a new way.

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