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Week 3 – Part 1: Additional Character Designs

Once again fate’s wheel has spun and the groups have been switched.  I am now on the ‘Light World’ project with Charlotte BryansCarla Jade Hutchinson and Glenn O’Neill.

This week we are to focus on COMPOSITION and TONALITY but the concept we have been left with still has a few gaps to fill. However, I think this suits my group just fine. I think our imaginations have been fired – or at the very least I know mine has!

In this world, creatures exist that feed off of and emit light. They live on a small planet – “about the size of Mercury”if memory serves – orbiting a star that is near the end of its life cycle and so does not emit much light. Most of them live under ground or sealed within giant domes, feeding off the star’s light which is split into seven different colours by a giant prism. There are eight main character types, seven based off of the Seven Deadly Sins of Christian belief and one type of ‘underground’ or ‘outsider’ character which is ostracised and excluded by the other beings. Each of the beings is associated with a specific colour, with the exception of the Outsider which is white, rainbow or pearlescent.

The existing designs for some of these characters (from Charlotte’s sketchbook) are below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I feel like we were left with a very strong ‘look’ for the characters by the previous members of the group – a minimalist approach that was heavily influenced by games with simple designs like Journey and Monument Valley: 

However, there were still certain characters that had no finished designs yet – Pride, Sloth, Envy and Greed – but luckily we had height indicators and the basic shapes of their forms to work with (see above). Carla chose Pride, Glenn chose Sloth, Charlotte took Envy and I chose Greed… And let me tell you I was grateful for this second chance at character design!

Working with the information that Greed was on the short side, with a large barrel chest of a body, I designed the magnificent schmuck you see above. I tried to reflect personality through design, giving Greed long grasping arms and fingers to suggest acquisitiveness, as well as the shit eating grin of your average used car salesman or politician. And a fanny pack (of course).

I also added some tones to the design considering this week’s focus on Tonality, and doodled a couple of designs within a frame as a nod to the other focus on Composition.

Once everyone’s designs were completed I also put together a basic silhouette lineup:

Outsider was designed by David, Gluttony by Clare, Greed by Rose, Sloth by Glenn, Lust and Envy by Charlotte, Wrath by Nuala, and Pride by Carla. Not that this has any bearing on our individual personalities, except in the case of Nuala, who is a tiny bundle of adorable rage.

Honestly, would you believe that nearly every character here was designed by a different person?! I hope you’ll agree that they work very well together… As does our team!

Seriously though, I have really had fun working with this group so far. I feel like we are working well together and am looking forward to the rest of this week’s project with them.

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