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‘Build a World’ – Ideas Part 1

Here is a list of my favourite ideas from my group’s brainstorming session and the ideas subsequently developed from those concepts.


Gas world like planet jupotet (OK that was Jupiter misspelt but good name) a gas giant on which the same storm has raged for 200 years. No solid matter – life evolved there would be pretty strange.

Could be like Sentient lightning bolts – Prof Steven Hawking has ideas about things like energy jellyfish which feed off basic minerals and chemical reactions.

Jupotet – Jupiter\Zeus – beings like gods, proud, basically immortal, warlike.

Else a world where thunderstorms are naturally very frequent – perhaps technology has developed differently to harness this natural energy. Kinda steampunk?

Else a weather based world – like the sky filled world idea, only extra stormy.

Or a world where people exist who can alter the weather… Misuse this power for warfare so stormy always. Blizzards and droughts would also be effective against enemies as well.

Storms are from friction in clouds e.g. hailstorms and summer air pressures cause thunderstorms, so a planet with very hot or cold climate would also have lots of thunderstorms. I mean maybe, I don’t know.

Or a planet with a surface covered in a lot of water – if sailing is a big part of the culture there frequent storms would add another dimension of difficulty and danger to those voyages.

Or else… Some theorise lightning strikes could be how humans discovered fire… Interesting…

Else play on the idea of a ‘storm in a teacup’ – sealed area with much turmoil and conflict inside, peace outside. Literally perhaps some kind of artificial storm generator…space bubble…thingy. Used by aliens (ALIENS!!!) as a power source. Like a big planet sized battery.


Perhaps a planet with a global climate and terrain similar to Australia – at least the habitable land masses.

One supercontinent – like Pangea – with maybe a couple of outlying islands the equivalent of places like Tasmania and New Zealand.

Or if the land masses suck the sea life could be pretty interesting – the Great Barrier Reef but even Greater! For example entire civilisations based on coral.

Australia – central desert, with habitable coastline and some areas of rainforest type terrain. I saw on TV that the Central Australian desert used to be lakes which turned to acid over time – creating perfect conditions for opals to form. This could be interesting – An entire world valuable for mining?

Life based on Australia – evolved differently due to isolation – so marsupials and egg laying mammals. (Compare with Madagascar which has many species not found anywhere else including lemurs and a ton of unique chameleons.) Alien koalas, guys!

Many Australian animals are very dangerous eg spiders – so an entire planet of i nhospitable and deadly life? (And koalas)

Or if not based on Australia in terms of nature or geography, use human contexts e.g. Perhaps tie intergalactic jail idea into it by having a planet where a spacefaring and colonial civilisation send all of their convicts and castaways, like the Victorians and Australia. (Maybe my history is a little wonky here but I really just want to see Space Victorians somehow.)

Or at the very least use elements from Aboriginal culture because their way of life and mythology is really interesting!

Else a planet where invasive species are a big problem, like Australia with camels and rabbits introduced to their ecosystems and messing things up. Think about how heavy duty Australian border control can be.

The Sydney Opera House looks pretty alien if you ask me. That would also be good for inspiration. That would be REAL Space Opera right there.


‘A world existing within different spectrums of light.’

That sounds cool… But as much as I like it… I am having trouble visualising such a place. It makes my head hurt just thinking about it… Maybe that means we’re on the right track lol

(Having thought about this I have realised I do not understand much at all, so, some of my ideas take the form of bemused questions and/or rambling. I am unable to Google anything as of writing this although I probably wouldn’t understand anything anyway!)

Maybe it’s something like Asgard in Thor.

Else this other plane of existence, where light becomes colour becomes real?

Is it just visible light? Or do ultra violet and infra red also get to be a part of the world? Do they even count as colours?

Do different colours have different worlds? Different cultures, languages? Can they communicate at all? Or are they completely cut off?

Maybe certain colours hate each other. It would be funny if some of this could be based on colour theory stuff, e.g. ‘Green and Purple do not get along at all’

‘Colour is a thing you can own’ idea was cool… But if colours are sentient would that count as slavery? Oh god. No.

I actually like the idea of a rainbow world actually being a bleak and horrible place.

Sentient colours: The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy has a species of alien that is ‘a hyperintelligent shade of the colour blue’ – which is mad. I also remember one such creature being ‘refracted into a crystal prism’ in order to be present at a special occasion.

*Insert Pink Floyd cover as reference* AM I DOING THIS RIGHT

Rainbows are created when light is refracted by raindrops… They don’t last long. Is the rainbow spectrum world a fleeting thing, existing only for a few brief moments?

Or maybe it’s a whole separate dimension that only becomes visible to us at certain times.

If so, how would such life view and interact with solid life i.e. us?

What if we got invaded by space rainbows

Oh no

Not the space rainbows


Inside a literal bubble – an entire world or dimension that only exists for an instant before the bubble pops?

Or maybe it’s an underwater civilisation that exists in an air dome.

Or a hollow planet with the atmosphere underground and inside of it!

Or is the bubble a Space Bubble – like a planet that exists cut off from all others by a forcefield. Is it a bad planet?

Maybe the bubble is to protect the world – maybe it exists within a dangerous place in space, like an asteroid field or a supernova.

Or else the bubble is a kind of pocket dimension – or time loop – the world occupies its own strange area of space and time, everything round and sealed and repeating itself over and over. What would it be like to be trapped there?

Perhaps it’s a world where the bubble is a kind of magical cosmological thing – like the celestial sphere of medieval astrology.

Or maybe it’s a metaphorical bubble… A world that exists in a current state of deluded satisfaction that is doomed to break all too soon…………….💀💀💀💀💀

Or maybe it’s a world that exists inside a living creature, I seem to recall a toad or something that has bubbles in its back where it carries its young. I could have dreamed that though. Or got it off Adventure Time or something. I dunno.


A world that exists within the gut of some gigantic creature, making its population technically parasites?

Or a world inside that exists within the body of a creature that is a parasite itself?

Or else the world itself IS a giant creature, and there is a civilisation of intelligent fleas or something living on its surface.

A world where all inhabitants are bonded to a type of parasite, making that the dominant species of that world.

A parasite dimension that latches onto other worlds and steals from them.

A parasitic moon where the inhabitants of the moon plunder the larger planet for resources.

What if there was a planet with a parasitic creature’s egg growing inside it? That would put that world in danger…

Or a world that is an actual egg, making the creatures that live on it parasites (technically).

All bacteria that live inside a living host are technically parasites, so there could be a story about what kind of world exists at microscopic, cellular level. (That’s Osmosis Jones…)

Technically an invading alien species would count as parasites, if you considered the whole world to be ‘alive’…


A potential world that is yet to grow… Like the singularity, prior to the big bang?

What conditions are needed for a world to grow?

What happens when they ‘flower’?

Different worlds as different plants

Similarity between words ‘plant’ and ‘planet’



Sowing seeds

‘World on a flower petal’

Horton Hears A Who


A settlement on a still-moving comet or asteroid?

Or else a ‘rogue planet’ that doesn’t orbit a star or any other body, just drifting through space alone…But how would such a planet host life without a star providing a constant light/heat source? Would it have to be artificially adapted?

Or even some kind of wholly artificial space station…thing…. Like the Death Star but hopefully not evil? (I’d feel bad for creating an evil world lol)

Or maybe the life there doesn’t need those things to survive…. It would be freaking WEIRD life in that case…

But then what would happen if the planet/comet/asteroid/THING was ‘captured’ by the gravity of a passing planet or star? It would be in danger or colliding with any other stuff caught in orbit.

Or it could be a really big spaceship thing, on a constant voyage through Space, the final frontier, boldly going where no man has gone before ok i’ll stop now

But hey, it doesn’t have to be a physical place, it could be some kind of weird mirage-like interdimensional realm that drifts in and out of different realities, never staying in one place for very long. Like alternate universes and stuff.

An entire wandering city would be interesting – like Howl’s Moving Castle on a larger scale maybe.

Or else it could just be a world with a mainly nomadic culture. That would be interesting too.

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