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Animation Week Zero – BBC Ident Project

Development and design work produced by me during Animation Week Zero. After considering numerous ideas for the BBC ident we decided on creating a stop-motion scene of a person making a cup of tea, with the BBC NI’s logo appearing in tea leaves at the bottom of the cup.

You see, we thought that tea was a very Northern Irish thing which many people across the country would be able to relate to… And, as it turns out, so did at least five other groups! Whilst everyone had different and awesome ideas tea and coffee seemed to crop up with unusual frequency. Really though, I think the people on this course may have a problem.

It also turns out that stop motion is an extremely difficult form of animation (who knew?), and our final product was a wee bit on the wonky side. It was no Anomalisa (great movie),  however I am proud of what we produced considering the limited time we had!

Thanks to my awesome teammates – Julie Kane, Pete Holland, Natalie Cole, Joan Hannon, Holly Cardwell and Clare McMurray – for working with me this week. May Team Atomic Chemical Sponge live on in our hearts and possibly even memories…

I still have the tea-towel we used in the film, by the way. Please let me know if anyone else wants it because I really don’t.



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